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JUST want you 

to fall in love with

Taipei and us!

surprise planning! 

We are always love to help you to stay us comfortable and just like home , or you may say your dream home.


and we really hope you can enjoy stay with us.


therefore, you are very welcome to ask us for special  plan before you  arrive.


for example , birthday surprise! 


so any idea?

just let us know , and let us do it for you!


please contact us for details!

private tour with local people

It's always cool to know a city if there are someone local to show you around!


and we do have some really cool people

really know about Taipei.


if you like something different , 

and let us know what you intrest in 

and we could arrange for you!


check the detail!

Private party?! 

order the food before you arrive!

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